a simple elegance

November 21, 2014


this week was a week of treats. both edible and inedible. edible in the sense that there were lots of sweets in the house and inedible in the sense that mitch's parents were here for a bit of it. sadly, though, they left tuesday afternoon. coming home felt strangely empty after, but I busied myself putting everything to rights and this week was still salvageable. it feels so strange that we officially have less than a month left living in this apartment. and even though I will undoubtedly miss that amazing pool area and private beach, I am definitely looking forward to a new place. even if it is only for the sake of change. now, let's list off this week's ten simple things...

November 18, 2014


last tuesday, mitch and I were able to get our first real whiff of the new season. and yes, I realize its already mid-november. there were falling and changing leaves and even though the temperature stays a tepid 82-degrees all year long, that day called for boots. and jeans. and scarves. nestled in the smallish mountains (or largeish hills, depending on how you look at it), sits this little nature reserve that is probably my most favorite place that exists within our island paradise. and after many a week of not seeing that charming, darling husband of mine, we felt it was time for a little walk. we stopped to play in the streams and, pretty much, just acted like children for a solid hour and a half and it was absolutely lovely, let me tell you. about as lovely as those amazing over-the-knee boots.

November 14, 2014


^^an iguana searching for a safe haven away from a very friendly labrador^^

it's been a fine week 'round these parts...mitch did well on his tests, I actually got to hang out with him again, his parents came to town, and we have been enjoying days spent by the beach and nights of treats and conversation. it really has been so nice catching up with them. it's going to be one of those instances where you won't know what to do once they've gone, you know? that feeling you get when the house feels sort of empty. that's gonna be my house next week. there's just something about having people around that know you so well and you don't have to put on any airs or pretenses because even if you did, they would see straight through them. and family always has the best pretense detectors, don't they? I'll miss them, but for now, they're here and I'll just have to keep bribing them with sunshine and petitioning them to stay. now, let's wrap this week up nicely with a mighty fine 'simple things,' shall we?

November 13, 2014


top :: promod (similar here)
jeans :: current elliot (different wash)
shoes :: birkenstock
glasses :: c/o firmoo

there are so many important elements of a wardrobe. the top, the jeans, the shoes, the bag. but all of those things are interchangeable and you don't wear any of them on your face. the one thing everyone looks at. and if it's true what they say--that eyes are the true windows to the soul--then shouldn't we all have beautiful frames? recently, a company called firmoo got in touch and asked me to try out a pair of their specs. and I'm so glad I did. I have actually ordered glasses online once before years ago and firmoo's website was quite similar, so I already had the gist of it. they have a virtual try-on that allows you to take a screenshot of yourself and see first-hand how the glasses will look on your face before they ever arrive at your doorstep. as a result, I really love how these graphite-colored square frames look on.

November 12, 2014


the first of october was pretty much the green flag on pumpkin everything, am I right? however, with temperatures still well into the 80s in some regions of the states (I'm looking at you arizona) and a constant 80 degrees down here, it took some of us a little longer than others to embrace the pumpkin fanaticism. but now that it's november, pumpkin is pretty much in full swing no matter the outside temperature. this past week, I have pretty much gone bananas pinning every pumpkin recipe that has stumbled across my pinterest feed. I love reading all of the different sweet and savoury ways other bloggers and foodies take that smelly, stringy, squishy mess of orange goop and turn it into something heavenly and autumnal. I can't even seem to decide which one I am going to attempt first. maybe that pumpkin pasta?