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Friday, September 19, 2014


what a week! one yoga class later, this week doesn't seem so bad, all in all. it was just that one day that sort of took the wind out of my sails. but I'm feeling much better now and I'm ready to move on, business as usual. mitch is currently getting ready for his first round of blocks. and sidebar...can you even believe we've been down here three semesters already? crazy. and of course, this means I've been having to occupy myself most days which has mostly consisted of visiting with friends, laying by the pool, baking a little bit, and trying to find little moments to take a nap! you'd think I'd have tons of time to dedicate to napping, but I really don't find the time like I should. I really need to be better about that :) also, this week has consisted of a lot of new items that I'm currently loving as well, so I thought I'd share them with all of you.

001 :: discovering the great british bake off. it was recommended to me by rosie, one of my favorite bloggers, and I have to say she hasn't steered me wrong yet. it's fascinating that this varied group of people who do such different things during the day can all be wonderful bakers! plus, that show is so refreshing compared to any american reality show. everyone is so supportive and nice and the food is absolutely beautiful. it's definitely inspired me to sharpen my baking skills.

002 :: my first seriously sweet pair of ray bans. they continually fall down my nose, but I'm pretty excited about them nonetheless. that mister of mine has excellent taste ;)

003 :: sort of going on a hike tuesday. we set out for a grand adventure, but it was cut short when we realized we had no way to scale the shale rock wall between us and our final destination. so after about 30 minutes contemplating how to cross over without meeting the jagged rocks below, we turned around and rewarded our hard work with a diet coke ( of course ).

004 :: listening to my own mixed cd ( that's right, I said cd ) while stuck in 5:00 traffic. I'm sure the locals in front of me enjoyed my rendition of t.swift's shake it off. oddly enough, there was absolutely no shame.

005 :: that morning ache that comes after a tough workout. it reminds me that I did something hard and awesome the day before, and I loved just basking in that pain thursday morning.

006 :: baking my very first clafoutis. you would think I would have learned that skill in undergrad, but no. luckily, it turned out perfectly on the first try. and it gave me the perfect reason to use up the rest of those smuggled blueberries. I cannot believe they lasted that long! though, the clafoutis certainly didn't.

007 :: using boscia super charge overnight moisture to rid my face of some dry spots. it seems to be working wonders for my skin thus far, though I'm hoping that as I keep using it, it will up its game.

008 :: mitch holding me the evening after having that rough day I mentioned a few posts back. it was so wonderful to feel his love and support. he even put off studying and everything to make sure that I felt loved and supported. I'm also super grateful for the comments I received about it. you guys are the best and the blogging world is seriously one beyond compare. I love it! thank you.

009 :: reinstating girls' night. when the husbands are away, the girls have to play! this philosophy is more to stay sane than anything else. husbands are wonderful, but some days, you just need to talk to other girls about girl stuff to feel like an individual again. 

010 :: the clean, peaceful feeling that inevitably comes from showering after a very hot and sweaty day. it gets even better if you shave your legs. bliss.

and that just about does it. I am so excited for this weekend. hopefully, I will be able to take lots of naps with a hope that I won't be quite so sleepy next week. I hope all of your weekend are energetic and full of fall-ish weather. thank you so much for reading. it always means so much!

here's a few posts that caught my eye this week ::
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love, arielle

**photo from her new tribe via pinterest**

Thursday, September 18, 2014


a few weeks back, the mister and I made it back through logan's pass--rated one of the most beautiful drives in the us of a. every anniversary, we try to take a drive through there and it is one of the most inspiring moments of our year! you open the sunroof and unroll the windows and all of that fresh air and sunshine surround you in this cascade of nature and ( a little bit of ) danger because if you look out your window, it appears as though you're about to topple right over the edge of the mountain. but more than any of that, it's the time we look back on our first anniversary. the one where we decided to go for a couple of hikes in nothing but skinny jeans and flip flops as the sun was making its nightly descent. the one where we stopped by this hollowed out tree to take a picture as an elderly couple told us we looked perfect for each other. the one where we realized how comfortable things were compared to that this-is-new stage that comes with being first married. isn't it amazing how rituals bring back those most cherished memories? this year, we only had time for a short trip because we were pressed for time, but not so pressed we couldn't stop to take a picture and enjoy the view.  and that photo trio doesn't even do it justice ( I did mention how badly I slacked in the photography department recently, right? ). I highly suggest, if you are ever in northern montana, that you make a jaunt through logan's pass.

in other news, I made my first post-high school mixed cd because I needed a break from the island radio ( they sort of take everyday songs and add in beats that don't really jive ). it's crazy to think that our little island car, formally named little blue, doesn't have bluetooth or ipod capabilities, and so I've resorted to playlists burned to cds. do you guys even remember those? I was surprised that the process was pretty much the same. I guess relics don't ever really change. and the rest of life has consisted of a hike that was cut short due to a lack of know-how scaling a shale rock wall, a purposeful shortage in diet coke, eating clean, and watching netflix as that man of mine studies hard for the first blocks of the semester. craziness! where does the time go?

hope all of you are prepared for a wonderful thursday!

love, arielle

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


it's been a rough week around these parts. a week full of insecurities and failed goals and I won't even bother you with the details. this is a happy little place, after all. and when the going gets rough, the rough get crafting. I've been seriously jonesing some arts and crafts and pinterest always has just the ticket. it has this strange addictive quality that keeps me coming back for hours-long binge sessions even when I've got piles of laundry strewn about the place and dinner onto boil. so here are a few fun crafts to lift your spirits and keep you busy this autumn ::

001 :: knitted socks. and scarves and throws and hats and mittens and everything and anything else composed of yarn. learning the ins and outs of knitting is totally on next week's to do list.

002 :: diy copper hangars. it's those little finishing touches that make a house a home. I love these copper hangars and adding them to the "little things" list only costs a package of plain white hangars from ikea and some copper spray paint.

003 :: floral party hats. with a mixture of wax and real flowers, as well as some floral glue, you can upscale your regular party hats and make them something unique and special. I think this craft would be so darling for a little girl to do with her mom before a tea party. floral hats, blueberry scones, and cucumber sandwiches. I'm not sure it gets much better than that.

004 :: photo clipboards. if you're really into displaying art in a casual and chic way, then I feel like this would be the perfect craft for your saturday afternoon. and although it may involve a trip to home depot, I still don't feel intimidated or overwhelmed. 

005 :: painted pumpkins. it's no secret that fall is my absolute favorite time of the year! and with fall comes pumpkins. and with pumpkins comes that ooey gooey mess that has this really strange smell and stains your hands for days and can only be described as..."pumpkin." it's that smell, and that smell alone, that urges me to consider a painted pumpkin. and that little link above has ten really festive ideas.

006 :: wrapping it up. I am a huge fan of that matching christmas tree look ( a side effect of the obsessive compulsive disorder ). and every christmas, I pick a gift wrapping theme. this easy look might just be finding its way under my tree in the upcoming months ( and believe me, that is months and months down the road because I want to soak up as much autumnal gloriousness as possible ). also, that link leads you to a site called babble. I had never heard of it before, but it's this disney sponsored site with crafts for you and your youngins! I am pretty excited to reference back once a baby finds its way into our own little family.

and so, here's to a better and brighter week full of cooking shows and friends and beach days and the enigmatic morning work out session ( I am just not a morning person ). one day, I will actually get there before five o'clock at night :) wishing you all a happy hump day!

love, arielle

Thursday, September 11, 2014


the title may seem a little unimaginative, but believe me, this post is worth a little meander through. one of my favorite bakery tricks ( and one of mitch's, as well ), is densing up a plain, old, regular cake mix. and in honor of my birthday, I thought I'd enable all of your sweet tooths and share with you one of my favorite kitchen hacks. without any help, box mixes tend to turn out dry and fall apart. when the need for cake is breathing down your neck, like I know it does with me, you don't always have the time to whip one up from scratch. ergo, densing up that dry, weak mix with a few scratch ingredients can make that cake taste like you spent hours in the kitchen rather than a mere 20 minutes. I picked this trick up from my cake decorating teacher who adapted this recipe from the wilton extendacake during my culinary undergrad--a total life saver since I was making a cake every couple of days. so without any further adieu, densing up that crumbly cake mix ::

the recipe

1 package of your favorite cake mix
all of the ingredients called for on the back of the box
1 cup all purpose flour
3/4 cup sugar
1 tsp. baking powder
1/2 cup softened butter
2/3 cup water

the method

beat the butter, then add in all of the box ingredients and then all of the additional ingredients. blend on low for one minute, then on medium for two minutes. scrape your bowl. you'll end up with about 6 and a half cups of batter. bake at 325 degrees fahrenheit for a large cake or at 350 degrees fahrenheit for smaller cake pans. you might need to add 10-15 minutes to the bake times on the back of the box. I use really shallow pans to facilitate the frosting-to-cake ratio that prefer and only had to bake for 30 minutes total. then, of course, frost it and load that baby down with lots and lots of sprinkles. you know how I love my sprinkles! #obsession.
and that's it. pretty simple, yeah? go ahead and give this a go and let me know how you get on with it in the comments. happy baking!

love, arielle

p.s. don't leave out the baking powder like I did above, it still tastes rich and moist, but it had a little trouble not sticking to the pan. whoops.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I know that summer will be sorely missed here in the blogosphere, but I couldn't be happier that fall is just around the corner. september has become one of my favorite months ( and not just because tomorrow is my birthday! ). I love that feeling of beginnings that september undoubtedly employs despite the fact I no longer check student under occupation. I love that the sun sleeps in just a little bit later, the air feels a little bit crisper, and overall, it's just a little easier to breathe. so grab a caramel apple cider for me and peruse through these almost-autumn pins..

001 :: the wild, flower child vibe of this photograph.

002 :: aching to attempt these spiced ginger molasses cookies! years ago at a church christmas social, someone whipped up something similar but I could never figure out who, so I'm hoping these turn out pretty darn close.

003 :: those french doors and herringbone floors have me weak in the knees and dreaming of our perfect home. that view isn't too shabby, either. even though mitch and I prefer the more rural variety.

004 :: I'm still so enraptured by these colorful succulents.. #firstpurchase when we move back to the states.

005 :: I'm a sucker for lights in trees. it was the only prerequisite for my dream wedding venue, and it's now my only prerequisite for any outdoor living space I'd call my own.

006 :: autumn really is the best time of year! I don't think I can emphasize this enough..

007 :: old pallets turned into a child's city skyline. mitch has some mad skills with drills and saws and other boy toys and I think I'm going to put them to good use. how cute would this be in our ( one day ) child's playroom?!

008 :: after finding this picture on pinterest, I'm now in the market for my own little fawn to cuddle up with on chilly nights.

009 :: autumn's style of knee high socks with boots, wooly overcoats, and patterned scarves is by far and away my favorite kind of style. and despite what mitch will tell you, there's no such thing as too much scarf :)

010 :: pretty much in love with this fantastic mr. fox pillow from society6. can't wait for a munchkin to go with this pillow!

011 :: the perfect pup. mitch and I are still toying around with the feasibility of getting one of our very own.

012 :: I'm a big fan of any braid, but especially this high fishtail. it remains boho while sporting a bit of an athletic vibe. definitely trying it this week.

so excited for autumn. I'm thinking up just about any excuse to visit the states in the upcoming three months...

hope you're having a fantastic wednesday! we're over the hump!

love, arielle

**all photos found via pinterest

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


if you've been reading here long, then you already know my affinity for everything british--the afternoon teas ( herbal cuppa, please ), the accent, the fashion, the tv. I could seriously watch the a&e 6-hour version of pride & prejudice on repeat if I could get away with it. one of my all time favorite cinematic moments has to be when elizabeth bennett calls mister darcy out for all of his rudeness, and in turn, he writes her a good old-fashioned letter defending himself. I've seen this dialogue more than 20 times ( I'm not embarrassed ), but this time I wondered, 'what happened to dipping a quill in ink and pressing it to paper using the best cursive one could muster?' if that conversation occurred today, the whole thing would have gone down via text message in less than 50 words and mister darcy and elizabeth bennett, one of my favorite literary couples of all time, would have never ended up together. and I don't know about you, but I think that would have been quite a shame. 

so in light of all of this jane austen watching and letter pondering,  I set out to perfect my own letter writing by, well, writing letters. first, I needed to find my very own, personalized stationary, which I found with the help of tiny prints and their amazing staff. they have ( what feels like ) thousands of wonderful options and their customer support is so easy to work with. as a result, I love the end product of my very own, custom stationary set. I hold it in my hands and know it's made of quality and durable materials ( a must if you travel as much as I do, have little ones running around, or just want to show the recipient that your message really, truly matters ). I cannot recommend them highly enough! second, I had to perfect my letter writing skills. a far more difficult task. typically, when I have to tell someone something or ask them a question, I send a text or an email that is friendly, but albeit, straight to the point with maybe a few emojis thrown in for embellishment. when writing a letter, there are all of these formalities one has to remember, but that's when it hit me. when did having to care about someone or show interest in their life become a formality? when did life become so straight-to-the-point that these questions and taking the time to write them down became burdensome? these are questions that should be asked on a regular basis that typically get left out of the common text message. really important things like, "how's your family?" ; "how are you feeling about x, y, z?" ;  "are you seeing anyone new?" and there's something about receiving them on paper that makes them so special and timeless. just think how you feel when you get that e-vite to your friends' baby shower. there's something lacking there and you're left wanting something more tangible. the same principle applies to your everyday greeting. you don't even need fancy calligraphy or stationary to write and let someone know that you care and that you love them. you just need the heart and some genuine interest, and I think you'll find you have the most loved feeling loved ones around.
and so it's tuesday. this week, I'm spending my days catching up on life laundry and trying to get things done, which is really tough after lazing the last bits of summer away. I feel as though I need a post-vacation vacation--a common complaint, I am sure. but alas, the budgeting and the cleaning and literal laundry doing aren't going to do themselves. so I may as well queue up my favorite reruns from netflix and get started! I hope you're all having a wonderful precursor to fall. know that I envy all of you!

love, arielle

** stationary c/o tiny prints

Monday, September 8, 2014


^^ pre-race selfie ^^
^^ post race, post brunch ^^
^^ just a bunch of yogis ommming in the middle of the park... nbd ^^
^^ capital cities :: I am dying to download the majority of their album ^^

I always lament a good expedition without any decent pictures, but my trusty iphone is just so portable! I will also concede that I did not take as many pictures as I should have considering how excited I was for this race and how fun it was.. in all honesty, that's the mark of a good time--whether or not you were too wrapped up in the festivities ( or too sore ) to cart around your bulky dslr. 

this race was more like a party than a 13.1 mile journey to a finish line. nevertheless, it was the most difficult for my body to overcome. I'm not sure if it was the training on a treadmill then competing on asphalt that affected me or the having to run without music due to technical difficulties with my shuffle, but I finished in my worst time yet. on the upside, running without music was oddly therapeutic. I found that I took more time to look around at the gorgeous scenery that was vancouver. the stark contrast between the miles of skyscraper and the miles of seawall provided the perfect setting for that saturday morning run. plus, all of the characters that came to cheer all of us on were enough to keep my mind occupied most of the time. voluncheers consisted of everything from mermaids and drag queens to fairies and brass bands. all in all, the run provided an entertaining show and lululemon spared no expense when it came down to snacks and aid stations.

so the run was great. let's talk brunch. lululemon provides brunch for all of the participants. it was amazing! I'm not sure what they did to those waffles, but they were delicious and so appropriate after running 13.1 miles. it was like they were coated in caramelized sugar and had an almost crunchy texture. I need to figure out how to recreate them in my own kitchen! I could have seriously wrapped myself up in one of those and died happily.. but seriously.

and then there was some amazing swag, massages, and the sunset festival which consisted of complimentary yoga, good eats, relaxing ambience, and capital cities performing live for all of us. I really love how understanding the band was to all of us just sitting down and swaying to there jazzy up-beat hits. we had just run a half-marathon, after all. and anytime a band sounds just as good live as they do on their cd, I instantly become a fan. so I currently have their album in my queue to download.

overall, it was a really amazing experience! my one complaint would be that everywhere we went, there was another line to wait in. though, that is to be expected with 11,000 entrants. this year, they're moving up the sign ups to september 10th, so you've only got two days to make up your mind! if you're interested in participating, be sure to mark it on your calendars with an alarm because it sold out in four hours this last year. craziness! volunteering could be really fun, too. you get a really cute shirt, if that motivates you at all ;)

see more good times from the #seawheeze with this super fun video produced by lululemon :: 

hope all of you are having a great kickstart to your week. I've noticed that as I get older, I tend to dread mondays a little less. hope that's true across the board! thanks for reading and for putting up with my sporadic posting! it means the world!

love, arielle  

Friday, September 5, 2014


 it feels like forever and a month since I've had a real, live, honest-to-goodness chat with all of you and boy, have I missed it! I've missed logging all of life's little wonders and keeping up with all of your own little joys, as well. that's not to say I didn't have a wonderful holiday. this past two weeks were exactly what I needed them to be--chill yet active, low-key yet adventurous. unintentionally, a few days went by without me even bothering to charge my extremely dead iphone. I have to say, it was rather nice being so completely there. I was fully able to embrace what I was doing rather than checking email and texts and refreshing my instagram feed 30 times a day. and it allowed me to catch up with friends and family members and that oh so wonderful man of mine. I can't believe we've been married three years already! it really has flown by. whilst being mia, I...

:: read the fall issue of porter magazine cover to cover
:: slept two nights in a mostly clean vancouver hostel with the most uncomfortable bed 
:: ran the funnest half-marathon in my worst time yet
:: saw capital cities perform live
:: became addicted to shake it off by taylor swift, boom clap by charli xcx, and money on my mind by sam smith
:: ate the best biscuits & gravy I've ever tasted ( and I'm from the south )
:: spent four wonderful days and one 14-hour roadtrip with mitch's and my best friends
:: discussed how harry potter could possibly be based on real life for a whole hour
::discovered the benefits of kt tape. amazing.
:: wakeboarded for approximately 7.245 seconds before my post-run legs couldn't take it anymore
:: ate my way through montana...but seriously
:: rode a bike quite poorly, but successfully down a very tall, very rocky mountain
:: took the scenic route through logan's pass--one of the most beautiful scenic drives in the states
:: luged down a smaller, less rocky mountain
:: got tim hortons once, twice, no, three times in the course of two weeks
:: started my christmas shopping ( due to opportunity )
:: welcomed autumn with open arms
:: celebrated three years of being married to the most genteel man in the world with banana milkshakes, lobster & steak
( more pictures and elaborations to come... )

and now it's back to the island where I think it may have actually gotten hotter. hard to believe, I know. I think this might end up being my toughest semester yet because I'll see all of you celebrating fall, wearing cozy scarves, and drinking warm apple cider and I'll be sweating it out and getting a little more envious everyday. regardless, it feels so good to be back. after traveling for 30 hours and making an emergency landing in bermuda, I walked into our apartment and it finally felt like home. what a wonderful and novel feeling that is! what have all of you been up to this past few weeks? I feel like we have so much to catch up on. please, let me know in the comments.

love, arielle

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


 happy anniversary to the man of my dreams! with all of the pre-anniversary hype, I cannot help but look back on our wedding day with fondness. how beautiful that decision was. how wonderful it felt to hear that he really did want to choose me. the joy we felt being married for eternity. but as with any big event, there are those little details we would all do differently. if I could do it again, there are several things I would change ( the groom, however, is not one of them ). as it is not customary or traditional for the bride to give a toast to the groom, I didn't, but it is one of the things I lament most. so with you as my audience, I would like to give a piece of that toast now. to tell you a little bit about the best man I have ever met and the best decision I have ever made.

( pardon any lovey dovey cheesiness ; we're head-over-heels in love, after all )
it wasn't long after I had met mitch that I realized he was sent to this earth specifically for me. this man is kind beyond all compare--a trait I wish I saw in myself more often. it was one of the first things I really noticed about him, actually. followed shortly thereafter by considerate, chivalrous, fun, gracious, integrous, caring, and so many more admirable traits. he is great at everything he tries. whether that's volleyball or medical school or roofing or cooking or bowling. he can literally do it all. he is so handsome, but isn't aware of it, which adds humility to his already wonderful character. I am so grateful for his unending support in all of my crazy whims, for his understanding when I'm being moody or a wee bit dramatic. I feel so honored to have his love and that out of all of the girls out there,  he chose me. he really was sent here to enrich my life with kindness and adventure and spirituality. I am so grateful for him and for the example that he sets for me on a daily basis. so here's to mitch. the closest thing to an angel I've met in my 20-plus years. 

love, arielle

Friday, August 22, 2014


man, do I love the northwest! living on a beautiful caribbean island isn't so bad--those white sandy beaches, a constant tan, being able to say you live on a beautiful caribbean island. it's wonderful; don't get me wrong. but man, do I love the northwest! this week took an unexpected turn when I couldn't get to boise as previously planned. I spent sunday night licking my wounds and moping ( just a bit ) that I wasn't going to get to see that best friend of mine who I miss so much. but alas, it was time to figure out a plan b, which turned out to be every kind of wonderful! I managed to procure a flight to seattle where some of my family lives and spend some quality time with them before my race on saturday ( which is only two-or-so hours away ). but let me just say, I would move here permanently and promise to never complain about the traffic. I love how green and how environmentally aware everyone is. I love the mountains and their crisp, cool air. I love how active and athletic the lifestyle is. I love all of the fruits and vegetables that grow here. and eating local ( that is probably what I miss the most about living where nothing is produced ). but until mitch and I have the opportunity, I guess I will have to roll on sharing this week's simple things with you guys, which are still every kind of wonderful ::

001 :: the fall issue of porter magazine. porter has undoubtedly become my favorite read and every time I visit the states, I make sure I'm caught up on the most recent issue. the clothes are beautiful and the women featured are so inspiring. I find myself cherishing every page, so I'll drag it out as long as possible.
favorite quote thus far :: "love anxiety--because really, nothing is a big deal." -Gia Coppola, pg. 113

002 :: finding the comfiest chair in the dallas airport whilst waiting for my flight. there is one in every airport, if you're only so lucky as to find it.

003 :: finishing the fourth harry potter. my goal for this past month was to finish all seven, but I was unexpectedly busy this past 30 days. so I've renewed my subscription to kindle unlimited so as to complete the next three, and let me just say, the books really are so much more riveting than the movies. there is no comparison.

004 :: watching my uncle in his garden. seeing someone so serene and surrounded by nature that he has harnessed with his own two hands is a truly beautiful thing. and his garden truly is beautiful.

005 :: fresh-picked fruits from the garden to break my fast. it's amazing, but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day and it's astonished me that when I choose a bowl of muesli, fresh-picked raspberries, and yogurt over plain old toast how much more enlightened my day becomes.

006 :: wednesday night's sleep. it was the dreamless kind where you don't move an inch. I woke up feeling completely rested but like I could probably sleep for another half hour if I wanted, which is the perfect time to wake up, in my opinion.

007 :: starbucks' hot caramel apple cider to warm up my morning. the true signal that those autumn leaves are just about to show their colors.

008 :: taking the dog for a walk. there are view things in life that can cheer you up more than that of a pup's love. the pup here, miko, is so enthusiastic and bright and loving that you can't help but adopting a view of those character traits yourself when being near her. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I definitely have to add a dog to our own little family!

009 :: mint creams from traitor joe's. please, give them a go. they are absolutely wonderful if you fancy dark chocolate protecting a fairly solid, yet still-creamy mint center.

010 :: eating al fresco. seattle has been having such sunny weather recently, my aunt and uncle have been taking all of their meals outside and I have really appreciated the beautiful view of the garden as I've munched on the fruits of its labor.

by now, me and my running buddy are probably on our way to vancouver and getting a little jitter ( the good kind ) for our race tomorrow, so wish us luck! I have pretty much determined that my goal for this race will not be time, but experience. the route is beautiful, so I just want to feel free to stop and smell the roses ( literally ). I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend! be sure to keep in touch via instagram to see all of the beautiful #seawheeze and vancouver sights along with us.

posts I loved reading this week ::
how do you know if you're ready for a dog by lauren conrad
pretty simple :: french braid bun by camille styles
pregnancy post : a look back at my first trimester by cupcakes & cashmere

love, arielle

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


it's hard to believe labor day is just around the corner breaching the beginning of the end of those long sleepy afternoons and balmy nights. and although schools are back in session, that doesn't mean that we can't relish in the last final days of summertime. as for me, I have my own end-of-summer fantasies.

001 :: a day spent lying in the weeds and wildflowers.

002 :: chomping into the final sweet and fleshy peach.

003 :: ( one day ) taking a little and a pup to the seaside.

004 :: ringing in the fall with al fresco dinner outside warmed by firelight.

I hope your summer days are still long and that you're getting your wardrobes and waistlines ready for the upcoming fall! happy wednesday!

love, arielle

** all photos found via pinterest

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


eight months in and I figure I'm still considered new by blogger standards. so when arielle ( whose boyfriend is also named mitch, crazy! ) who writes the for the love of sweeties blog nominated me for a second liebster award, I figured I might as well give it another go. you can see my previous nomination here

the rules ::

001 :: post eleven facts about yourself.
002 :: answer the eleven questions given by the person who nominated you. 
003 :: pass along eleven questions of your own to your own nominees.
004 :: nominate eleven people and give them a head's up they've been tagged.
005 :: only nominate blogs under 200 followers.

facts ::

001 :: my favorite color is orange. but like a burnt orange, not a bright orange.
002 :: I really get a kick out of the produce section at the grocery store. and I love chopping vegetables. all those garden colors  and smells just make me giddy.
003 :: I think baths warrant a shower afterward.
004 :: I'd choose the mountains over the beach any day ( close your ears fellow floridians! ).
005 :: I buy my husband bags of doritos ( his favorite ) in exchange for him listening to me complain.
006 :: I'm of the belief that everything british is better. and I'm sure you brits get this all the time, but I could really listen to you people talk all day.
007 :: my favorite food is mushroom ravioli. closely followed by lettuce wraps.
008 :: when I was 14, I dreamed of being a professional beach bum and I am now living that dream.
009 :: I want six little munchkins of my own.
010 :: I break into tears every time I see, hear, or think of bullying.
011 :: you probably already figured this out, but I celebrate everything. and I mean everything.

arielle's questions :: 

001 :: How long did you think about starting a blog before you actually did?
years and years. even after livejournal and myspace had hit their expiration date, it took me awhile to board the blogger train. read through this blog for one month and I promise you'll find I'm quite the laggard.

002 :: What is your favourite restaurant?
any hole in the wall pizza place that gives me plenty of refills on diet coke. or you know, something more conventional like p.f. changs.

003 :: What is your favourite makeup brand?
dior, hands down. I know, I know. I have expensive tastes. but I have not found one flaw with any of their products..other than the price tag.

004 :: Are you an indoor or an outdoor person?
I guess that would depend on the season. in the spring and fall, I'm totally outdoor. and during the summer and winter, I reside mostly indoors. I don't like to be too hot or too cold. go ahead and call me goldilocks 'cause I like to be juuuussttt right.

005 :: How do you wear your hair on a day-to-day basis?
since moving to the caribbean, I have been sporting high and low ponies, as well as braids and messy buns almost everyday. though, I'm still in search of the perfect down do whilst living amidst the hot and humid. help here would be much appreciated!

006 :: If you had to move, where would you want to live?
vancouver, british columbia. no doubt about it. I love the rain, the green, the active and organic culture there. I would move there tomorrow and never look back. of course, mitch would have to come, too ;)

007 :: Would you rather have spaghetti for hair or linguini for legs? This is important.
linguini for legs. admittedly, I think I'm a pretty vain person and I don't know what I'd do if I had to look in the mirror everyday and it looked like noodles. particularly, uncooked noodles. no thank you.

008 :: What does your perfect day look like?
the sky would be drizzly and overcast, I would be wearing a comfortable, slightly fitted/slightly slouchy aztec printed sweater paired alongside some skinny jeans and hunters. I'd have hot chocolate in one hand and a munchkin in the other walking to a favorite bookstore for children's storytime or something. I can't think of anything more idyllic.

009 :: What is your favourite or go-to midnight snack?
chocolate cake. you would be proud, though. I rarely ever give into this temptation. midnight usually comes and goes without a trace of chocolate cake to be found.

010 :: Who or what inspires your personal style?
oh my, it's everywhere! it's colors I see on the ground or in the sky. it's fonts and it's crafts and it's furniture. it's idols and shops and flowers. and embarrassingly enough, it's instagram. frequently, I'll ask myself if something is instagrammable.

011 :: Is there anything you consider yourself a master at cooking or making in the kitchen?
why, yes! chocolate cake. or any cake for that matter. in university, I had a whole semester dedicated to baking and decorating cakes, and I guess it stuck.

my questions ::

001 :: how did you get your given name?
002 :: what's your favorite mode of transportation?
003 :: if you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be ( and why )?
004 :: do you dream of country hills or city streets?
005 :: if you had to workout some way, what would you choose ( and why )?
006 :: what's your favorite beauty secret?
007 :: we've all experienced little miracles in our lives, tell us about one of yours ( one you feel comfortable sharing, of course ).
008 :: if you had to choose one, what is your favorite vegetable?
009 :: are you more of a brunch or breakfast person?
010 :: what is your favorite blog at the moment?
011 :: in an ideal world, where do you see yourself in five years?

take a look at my lovely nominees :: 

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008 :: the peppermint pencil
009 :: amie e
010 :: the teresa nicole
011 :: just like honey.

be sure to let me know when you've answered your questions so that I can see your answers! after all, I am rather nosey :)

love, arielle

**photo courtesy of my friend cydney

Friday, August 15, 2014


in this instance, the title of this post is actually quite literal. I did, in fact, get heat stroke hiking yesterday and in the end, it served as a reminder that I am not invincible and need to drink more water. otherwise, this was one of those weeks where I wish is was called 'twenty simple things' instead of just ten! how to narrow it down? this week was also kind of crazy. as per usual where exam week is concerned. it was full of the need and lack of organization on my part, and I'll really have to get my bum in gear seeing as I'm leaving in a couple of days for some best friend time in idaho before my race. now, let's see about those ten simple things, shall we?

001 :: spending a whole day unplugged with mitch. it's amazing how distracted one can be when you're constantly updating email, instagram, and facebook. a whole day without it really brought to light how enjoyable it is to just love where you're at. we spent the day going out to lunch and reading/relaxing poolside. I don't even think he studied..it was fantastic!

002 :: running the a/c. it was just too hot not to. I don't run it all day, but I do turn it on when I wake up in the mornings and it's amazing how it has transformed my day. I actually want to get dressed and ready to go. quite a feat in this humidity, really.

003 :: making personal pizzas with the girls at church. pizza was definitely the order of the day and it was so fun to get to know those girls a little better.

004 :: mitch agreeing to do anniversary snaps with me this year. I just love catching each stage of our relationship via camera roll and I'm so thrilled he agreed to it despite his aversion to getting his picture taken. that's love.

005 :: eating salmon & salad for dinner after eating mostly junk. for the most part, mitch and I partake in a balanced and healthy diet, but exam week usually results in quick meals that take little to no clean up. after awhile, you just need something substantial and I did not turn up my nose to a meal made entirely of fatty fish and fresh greens. it was marvelous!

006 :: binge watching suits on netflex. it's smart and sassy and full of men in clean cut suits. need I say more?

007 :: watching a whole flock of seagulls take flight. it was pretty magical to watch all of them swerve and dive at the same time. oh, to be a bird.

008 :: going on a little hike with a friend and the cutest little ones. a friend of mine asked me to join her and her two adorable children on a little hike they were going on. the views were gorgeous and I loved watching her little boy act like a sniper and clear the way for us ladies. very gallant of him, yes?

009 :: seeing a herd of donkeys. I had never seen more than one or two donkeys hanging out together before, but there were literally dozens in this field driving home from our hike. one of the littles even pointed out a bird perched on top of the donkey, which was very cute, indeed.

010 :: the mister waking me up with french toast. he really is one thoughtful guy and knows his way around some bread and cinnamon, let me tell you!

now, let's get this weekend started! I will be paddleboarding and hiking sans mitch on friday and saturday so that he can study without feeling obligated to entertain me ( he takes his final exams on monday ). and then sunday, I will be stepping foot in the states once more for some much needed time with one of my best friends. and monday, mitch and I both will officially be finished with our second semester of medical school. time is just flying by!

posts I loved reading this week ::
how to :: organize your closet by camille styles
this blackberry clafoutis recipe by m loves m
primp tip :: how to save chapped lips via lauren conrad

thanks so much for reading, everyone! and I hope your weekends are exactly the break you were looking for. follow along with me via instagram to see what I'm up to.

love, arielle

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