Wednesday, July 23, 2014


oh, there is something about living by the seaside. about that salty air and windblown hair and the sand between your toes. the seaside has provided me with a boat-load ( pun intended ) of inspiration lately, so I thought I'd share. I've been sort of obsessing over the ocean's style--calm, relaxed, and wavy--and I feel like these trends capture those attributes perfectly.

001 :: a white maxi :: in truth, I pinned this quite a while ago, but ever since I've been wanting a picture of me just like this. I love the calm and serenity she emulates and of course, I love what she's wearing! 
find similar maxi :: here and here
for modest viewers and cool nights :: this white cardigan.

002 :: kiel james patrick anchor bracelets :: so simple and not too nautical to not be taken seriously. 
I love these :: here and here.

003 :: a clear umbrella and a long rain coat :: you know those pictures where you look at them for awhile and when you're finally done, you say to yourself, "I want that life." well, this is that picture for me. or at least one of them. I love that her umbrella is clear. I love her raincoat, her hair. and I love that she's barefoot walking her dog.
find similar umbrella :: here and here.
find similar raincoat :: here and here.

004-005 :: straw sunhats :: a quintessential summer item that is both stylish and functional. and I always feel a little debonair with a wide brim.
favorites :: 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5

006 :: island company tee :: quit your job. buy a ticket. get a tan. fall in love. never return. after having done all of these things in january ( not necessarily in that order ), I think this tee would wear more like a badge of honor than a souvenir. 
find it :: here.

007 :: boatwear :: definitely calls for a cute swimsuit, a airy, easily-dried outfit, waterproof bag for all of those little things, and of course, a cute pair of sperry's.
favorites :: 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5

008 :: striped linen dress :: a combination of comfort and simplicity. this dress was created by madewell, but they have since sold out.
find similar cut :: here.
find similar pattern :: here and here.

009 :: sheer pleated maxi :: a perfectly simple and romantic skirt. perfect for a coastal date.
find similar :: here and here.

010 :: sweater-scarf-wrap-cardigan :: what I'm loving about this photo is the flowy wrap worn over the shoulders for a bit of covering up and keeping warm on those cool summer nights. especially paired with this crochet maxi and a gold coin gypsy necklace. the whole look is very cozy-ethereal.
find similar wrap :: here and here.
find similar maxi :: here and here.
find similar necklace :: here and here.

011 :: white linen shirt :: so crisp and clean. it reminds me of hanging fresh laundry out on the line. featured sold out.
find similar :: here and here.

012 :: white vintage :: when we think of a day at the beach, we think of swimsuits and beach towels and cold diet cokes ( at least in my case ). but when white and lace compliment the seaside just right, I seriously start reevaluating my choice of swimsuit cover-up. this ensemble looks so whimsical and care-free. though, I am definitely not brave enough to soak a dress I like that much in salt water..just saying.
find similar :: here and here.

I hope all of you have set out for a wonderful wednesday. I feel like these summer weeks are just flying by! supposedly, there's a tropical storm wandering around out there, so I'll be spending today buying food storage and batteries and then maybe geting a run-in-the-rain in later on, if I'm lucky. 

love, arielle

**all pictures found via pinterest

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


books. let's talk about books. there was definitely a time in my life when my brace-faced self was ostracized at school and books were among my best friends. there were definitely other times after the braces were removed that the peer pressure of my friends almost made me shun books completely. and then there are those more recent times when I just get so busy that I forget about the importance of reading for pleasure. but books have always been there for me, one way or another. and now that the braces are gone and I have begun caring less and less about what others think, I have realized I am a full-on bookworm. and do you want to know the best part? I've been given an opportunity to live on an island with very little to do. so technically, I could read all day. though, I don't because getting dressed and moving around is usually a good idea. however, I have read more books since arriving here than I did the entire time I was at university. and, as mitch's finals loom over us once again, I find myself turning back to books. so here's a short list ( a very short list ) of what I've read, what I want to read, and what I want to read again ::
001 :: longbourn :: want to read. I can't resist anything related to jane austen. this book is pride & prejudice told from elizabeth bennett's handmaiden's point of view. apparently she makes quite a fuss over elizabeth's penchant for trudging through the mud.

002 :: #girlboss :: want to read. a rag to riches story of the ceo of nasty gal, an online clothing store. she seems sort of like a modern day chanel and after having read that biography, I'm totally interested.

003 :: the witch of blackbird pond :: want to reread. an elementary favorite! though admittedly, I wasn't introduced to it until I stumbled into a children's literature class my last year of uni. don't ask me what a nutrition major was doing in there. but this girl resonated with me because she is not afraid to be different and she is, after all, very fashionable. definitely rereading this pulitzer prize winner again this month. 

004 :: austenland :: want to read. a story about a girl who is so hung up on mr. darcy, no other man can compete. until her grandmother passes and leaves her a ticket to this jane austen camp in england where she gets to literally live out her jane austen fantasies. that probably would have been me if I hadn't found my own other half so early on.

005 :: the book thief :: want to read. I know what you're thinking.. 'you mean she hasn't read that already?' the answer :: nope. I didn't show much interest in historical fiction until recently. this is the story of a little girl growing up in nazi germany and she has to steal books to make it through the day.

006 :: edenbrooke :: want to reread. definitely my most favorite jane austen knock-off I've read thus far. with a little more action. read :: highway robbery.

007 :: the age of innocence :: want to read. I sort of missed that stage in my life where I focused on the classics, so I am attempting to make up for years of ignorance whilst being forcefully unemployed. this old time classic is a tragic love story amidst new york's elite in the 1870s. it seems a bit like an old time gossip girl. minus the crazy gossip-spinning blogger.

008 :: the goldfinch :: want to read. this pulitzer prize winner has been the toast of so many real-life and online book clubs, so I thought I'd give it a go before summer's end. after this little boy loses his mother in a terrorist attack at the metropolitan museum of art, he steals the iconic portrait of the goldfinch, which somehow changes his entire life. 

009 :: harry potter series :: want to reread. after mitch's and my most recent harry potter marathon, I've got the urge to read the series from beginning to end. especially since I've never read the sixth and seventh books. I know, I know. what kind of fan am I? for those of you who've been living under a rock, this story is about a boy who grows up to save the world with magic. but j.k. rowling is seriously a genius! every little detail is fore thought out. truly amazing and the whole series is available on kindle unlimited!

speaking of kindle unlimited...if you haven't already heard, amazon has come out with a sort of netflix for books for $9.99 per month with a 30-day free trial. not every book is included just as netflix does not have every movie, but they do have 600,000 titles to choose from. I'd say that should keep you busy for 30 days. I have already stocked my queue with so many favorites and they are all available right there in my kindle app. definitely give it a go. but remember, if you don't like it, make sure to go in and cancel before your 30 days is up! otherwise, they will start charging you..

hope your mornings are all off to a wonderful start and that you are finding time to read despite the hustle and bustle of everyday life! thanks for reading this little space. until tomorrow :)

love, arielle

Monday, July 21, 2014


^^the messiest hair you have ever seen^^
**no turtles were harmed in the making of this bonfire**

whoa, this weekend. it was a busy one! at least by mitch's and my standards. but weekends are always a bit more entertaining when one is entertaining. my brother was in town for a 48-hour period and we were hoping to keep him as occupied as possible so that he wouldn't think we were a couple of hermits ( which we are ) and so that he wouldn't notice how warm a non-air-conditioned apartment can be on a caribbean island in the middle of july ( which he did ). poor guy. you get used to it after almost eight months, I promise. 

we kicked off saturday with a batch of crêpes and a trip to marigot--this public market with all sorts of souvenirs, fresh spices, cultural sauces, and locally grown perishables for sale. we saw the smallest bananas I had ever seen and a few other fruits I couldn't even identify. we wandered around the little french mall, and since my brother has actually been to most of the countries in europe, he had fun comparing and contrasting the different shops between here and there. after successfully navigating ourselves into and out of the tricky streets, we headed home. but not before grabbing a sweet treat and a fresh baguette from sarafina's. truly the best bakery I've ever visited. back at home, we lunched and laid by the pool and later, set out for a bonfire with a couple of friends on the island. introductions were made and the fire was started. however, this was no ordinary bonfire. apparently, it is sea turtle nesting season rendering bonfires prohibited. whoops! luckily, there were no turtles in sight and we all got a few s'mores made before the flames went out. the sunset was truly magnificent ushering in a breezy and lovely night. our friends' little ones played in the sand and got their sticky s'mores fingers all over their parents, which was all-around pretty adorable from where I was standing. we even met a gorgeous golden labrador. typically, I wouldn't post a stranger's dog in the story of my life, but this pup posed so dignifiedly when I asked to take his picture that I couldn't resist. one by one, we said goodbye to friends as they headed home to tuck in their munchkins. I fixed the boys up some ginger salmon and felt oh so mature and european eating supper after 8 o'clock ( we're shameless early birds in this house ). when the stovetop was scrubbed thoroughly after a disastrously proportioned mashed potato incident and the dishes were washed, we settled in to watch the most recent fast and the furious, which I have to say, I could have lived without. but you know boys and their cars...

mitch did comment more than once that it was nice to have another man in the house to back him up on the blue household matters, but as with all guests, we had to put that brother of mine on a plane so he could get back to work on monday morning. and now, it's back to everyday life, which this week will consist of reading books, tackling some life laundry, and maybe a wee bit of baking if the oh-so-welcome cloud cover keeps. what are you guys planning to do this week? feel free to give me some ideas so I can occupy myself while the mister studies ( we're four weeks out from finals! ).

love, arielle

Saturday, July 19, 2014


as the song goes, what a wonderful world ( #truth ), but I'm going with what a wonderful week! though, all of my weeks are pretty wonderful if I choose to stop and think about them long enough. having this new job has been so rewarding. not only do I love having a reason to get up, bathe, and eat breakfast in a timely manner, but I have loved learning a foreign skill. and by foreign, I mean I have no idea what I'm doing. I have seriously learned the wisdom in 'fake it till you make it' and 'she who dares wins.' other than that, this week has consisted of mitch acing his blocks, me trying to eat a little healthier ( #fail, kind of ), and us spending a lot more time together. with that said, any woman who has ever missed her man can attest to this being a pretty fantastic week. on that note, let's roll onto this week's ten simple things..

001 :: scheduling my flights to boise for the end of august. I am so elated that I get to visit one of my very best friends for the first time in two years. two years really is too long to go without an all night gab with one's bff.

002 :: grocery shopping with mitch in tow. it's just fun to goof off together wherever we are and I love any and all of the time I get to spend with that handsome canadian whether it's bumping into him ( on purpose ) whilst picking out courgettes or pretending not to notice while he sneaks a milka into the shopping cart.

003 :: being chauffeured around. as preferences go, I would prefer not to drive. especially by myself. but being a grown up has it's requirements and driving solo is often one of them. however, I was relieved of my grown up driving duties this week. because that husband of mine finished his tests, he was able to come with me on my weekly about-towns and I was so very grateful. 

004 :: a new parfum. I know what you're thinking--"didn't she just devote a whole week a couple months ago to tory burch's new fragrance?" in answer to your question, yes. yes I did. but I never stop changing and I hope I never do. so I found one I love even better. it's tory burch-esque, but a little woodsier, which is right up my alley.

005 :: purchasing the freshest strawberries I've had in at least a year from the local supermarket. living on the island, you sort of take what you can get when it comes to produce. but just the other day, I bought the most beautifully red, juicy strawberries from the grande marché here and it sort of made me leap for joy inside.

006 :: creating a wonderful summer salad full of romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, craisins, almonds, feta, indian chicken, and the aforementioned strawberries. all smothered in yogurt. the colors alone were enough to make my eyes happy, but the combination of flavors made my taste buds even happier.

007 :: letting my hair down. literally. it feels so free and feminine and headache free, but I had forgotten those very appealing reasons to wearing my hair down. because of the heat, I've been sporting it up more often than not. either in a messy bun, a braid, or a simple high pony. wearing it down has been such a nice change of pace.

008 :: rocking out to my favorite songs on the treadmill. I'm sure my fellow gym rats think that, 1) I'm luna lovegood status, or 2) that I'm starved for attention. but I think the truth is that I'm coming upon that time in my life where I just care less and less about what people think. and if dancing without any rhythm while mouthing all the words to my favorite running tunes makes those long, tedious miles on the treadmill go by a little easier, than that's what I'm gonna do.

009 :: the warm and friendly welcome from the little man at the schwarma place. he is so kind and I love that he lives by the 'ladies first' philosophy, which gave me a serious 'awwww' moment. it really is beautiful that even though we all hail from different cultures and countries and backgrounds, we all revere women in one way or another. 

010 :: my big bro coming to town. he got in yesterday afternoon ( hence, my wee bit of neglect for the blog the past two days ) and we have already driven him around the entire loop of the island and stuffed him full of authentic schwarma and freshly made gelato. that's a pretty promising start to the weekend, I'd say.

and I want to take a moment to thank all of you for reading this little space of the interweb and for all of your funny and charming comments. it really means the world! I hope all of your weekends are just lovely. see you on the other side ;)

follow along on our weekend exploits with insta.

love, arielle

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I could easily spend hours upon hours browsing dream kitchen furnishings online. and my schedule would allow it, too. though, that would hardly be productive. or healthy. however, I did indulge ( just a little ) this week and this isn't even the bulk of it. mitch informed me a couple of weeks ago that we are about 15 years out from building our dream home. so I guess, for the next 14 years and however some-odd weeks, expect dozens of nesting inspiration boards. it will actually be pretty interesting to look back 15 years from now and compare styles, hopes, dreams. right now, my kitchen dreams consist of a bright white kitchen with beautifully paned windows. of course, I would add color through plates and bowls and goblets. but because the white is so versatile, I can easily switch up colors as I choose.

anthropologie dish towels :: so many eclectic prints and you can mix and match for your own fun, individual collection.
1 || 2 || 3

farmer's market basket :: so appropriate for that sleek, yet rural feel I want to bring into our home.

butter dish(es) :: admittedly, I have a thing for butter dishes. I can't explain it, but I'm always finding various butter crocks that I love. these are merely two of them.
1 || 2

pear salt & pepper shakers :: love them in the gold color, too.

blue mirror glass serving tray :: can't get enough of the reflective quality of this beautiful glass tray. wouldn't it just look so lovely with some succulents on display?

wooden cookery book holder :: I've ruined many a cookbook by placing it on the counter. and since we're all about simplifying one's life around here, there's no better way to start than preserving those beloved cookery books.

whale tail measuring cups :: I love to add some whimsy articles into my home that show personal preference and these are not only unique, but adorable, as well.

multi-colored goblets :: I picture our kitchen cabinets with glass-paned doors chalk full of these gorgeous goblets in all variety of colors so as to reflect all of the beautiful white, natural light.

printed napkins :: bon appetit is something that I love hearing when I go out to restaurants here on the island and these would remind me of the beautiful customs here.

solid, sleek dinnerware :: I love the idea of having multiple sets of inexpensive plates, and then trading out colors and mixing and matching depending on how I'm feeling.

antique inscripted flatware :: by far, some of my favorite flatware I've seen! mitch loves heavy flatware and I love how it still contains a dainty appeal.

there are so many beautiful ways to dress up a kitchen. and I have 14 years and 49 weeks ( give or take ) to dream up mine. what are your favorite kitchen trends, right now?

love, arielle

** top photo found via pinterest

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


we had a wonderful bastille day! mitch completed his third set of tests for this semester and I completed five miles on the treadmill. we played by the pool until the daily rainshower set in, then quickly surrendered inside and set our minds mouths to finishing up the remainder of the brownies I raved about yesterday. I got called into work for a couple of hours, but in no way was it unwelcome. it simply justified my later taking mitch to his favorite restaurant here on the island to celebrate the huge success that is his life ( he married me, after all ). after work, we headed on over to the french half of the island where locals from all over participated in a running event of some sort, jerked chicken in the public square, all while some seriously talented youth played the steel drums. the atmosphere was so alive that it was difficult to finally stop smiling because our cheeks hurt so bad. I will say that it was different than the bastille day I had set out for us. one filled with walking along the beach, nibbling on macarons and croissants, then filling up on magret de canard for supper. but the electricity felt in how it actually happened was so authentic that I was completely content with where the night was taking us. and sometimes, relinquishing control and letting the night take its natural course is just what I need.

in the spirit of bastille day, I've translated a few of the little things I cherish most into french, just for fun.
what are your french favorites?

*photos courtesy of pinterest

wishing you all an amazing tuesday!

love, arielle

Monday, July 14, 2014


you know those days when nothing especially spectacular happens, but you wake up when it's all over with the distinct feeling that something is different? yeah, well, this weekend was full of those days. nothing so very monumental occurred. mitch studied diligently for his upcoming tests while I went to the gym, read books, walked around our little corner of the island, baked these amazing brownies courtesy of cider with rosie. but yet, I still woke up this morning and felt more enlivened than I have in a long time, so I'm just going to go with it. here are a few reasons why I think this sunday was something special ::

001 :: waking up at a lazy 9:00 am. it's no secret that I am not an early morning person. I would like to be. it's on the list of 'someday, when I'm older..." but I have leagues to go before I arrive at morning person central. typical sundays involve waking up at 7:15, but since church started an hour later this week, I relished in the fact that I could roll over and cozy up to my feather pillow for almost a solid two hours later than usual.

002 :: cooking mitch breakfast. this really doesn't happen as often as I'd like it to. I usually just buy a bag of cereal and insist he help himself. however, I've been experimenting with soft boiled eggs recently and, so far, have been unsuccessful. so I just keep trying until I get it right. hence, mitch gets some slightly harder boiled eggs for breakfast. meanwhile, I feel like #bestwifeever.
*expert soft egg boilers :: any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated

003 :: writing in my journal. so many of you are these awesome, expert journal writers, but my journal writing practices sort of border on neglect. it was so awakening to organize my thoughts and fears on paper and then come to a conclusion on what I could be doing better and how I can improve as a human being. it definitely evoked a spiritual feeling. or two. or three.

004 :: going for a walk. since moving to the island, one thing I have really missed is going for long walks. here, it is not always safe for a young girl, unarmed, to go out alone. it sounds scary, but it's true and that's life. but yesterday, I'd had enough. I grabbed my camera and headed outside with the sole purpose of getting some snaps of the gorgeous trees with the red petals near our apartment building. I have been meaning to document these for a month now, and I'm so excited that I finally got the chance! a little fiy :: as I was standing in line at the bank the other day, the local lady in front of me said these trees are called flamboyant and they only bloom between june and august. something about the way she said it made me love this island all the more.

005 :: eating new york strip for supper. another thing that has been lacking in our lives since moving here has been red meat. meat in general is really pricey here, and if it comes from a cow, then the price just skyrockets. enter mitch's sweet grandma. during my last visit to canada, we had our usual banter about how all I ever feed mitch is vegetables and how we can't really afford red meat whilst living on the island. she informed me that she was going to be the sponsor of our "red meat budget." so now, I'm committed. mitch will be getting red meat every sunday from now on.

like I said, nothing so terribly monumental happened yesterday, but for some reason I woke up this morning feeling enlightened and fortified. so I'm just going to ride this little wave of empowerment for as long as it lasts. in other news, mitch takes his blocks early enough in the morning that we get to spend the whole day together afterward. and since today is bastille day, we'll be heading on over to the french half of the island to celebrate another revolution. why is it so many revolutions take place during the summer, do you think? I hope all of your weekends were restful and that you get to avoid that ever-possible 'case of the mondays.' happy bastille day, everyone!

love, arielle

Thursday, July 10, 2014


top :: smart set ( canadian, similar here ) ; jeans :: current elliott ( sold out, similar here ) ; shoes :: steven by steve madden ; lipstick :: givenchy rose dressing ; nail polish :: essie 'bikini so teeny'

before mastering that concerto on the pianoforte or winning that crucial game of volleyball, we all had teachers who stressed the basics. and I dare say, clothing isn't all that different. however, contrary to how we felt during those hours upon hours of piano practicing, these basics are anything but boring. this white-shirt-and-jeans ensemble is a fun, upscale rendition of the old classic. those current elliott stiletto skinnies are so comfortable and versatile and I've pretty much been rocking them in some way everyday since they showed up in my mailbox. and these steve madden stilettos are a definite must this year. both were at the top of my 'most wanted' list. and if you've looked back in my archives, then you've probably noticed an oversized white button-up ( or two ) lingering on some inspiration board or another. I grabbed mine in three sizes up and this one is just light-weight enough to rock in the caribbean. 

as you can probably tell, my messy hair challenge is nothing short of, well, messy. as healthy and low-maintenance as my hair is this summer, I will definitely revere the day I can take my curling iron to these unruly locks once again. how far away is labor day? 

I hope all of you have such a fantastic thursday! I swear, if it wasn't for the blog, I would have no clue what day it is most of the time. now, go practice practice practice ;) or rather, shop shop shop!

love, arielle 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


photos courtesy of pinterest

we all go through phases. whether it's that favorite food that you can't get enough of until that day you buy a whole pack  and later forget about it in the back of the fridge. or that favorite author you stalk the interwebs for any and all short stories she might have written and one month later, they're nothing more than a plate full of cookies in your cache. and then there are those phases you keep coming back to. pinterest is one of those latter phases. it's in good company right there next to nutella. I'll have months where I diligently pin every night before bed so as to wind down and then undergo weeks without it. this week has not been one of those weeks. this week, I've been going pin crazy and have found so many lovely outfits and views and home decor ::

001 :: this tulip & nettle top. really loving the feminine and airy feel. and note :: similar here and here.

002 :: the cutest little one wearing the cutest little dress. I'm actually wondering if it can me made in my size?! 

003 :: sprinkle soiree. if you follow me on insta, then you probably already know I am a huge fan of sprinkles. I can only imagine the gloriousness of having a whole party devoted to those little confectionary pieces of heaven. am I too old for a sprinkle-themed birthday party?

004 :: this indiana jones hat. I love the wide-but-not-too-wide brim. just enough to be noticeable. and I can only imagine all of the adventures wearing a hat like this ensues. the exact version is only available in black, but I love the oh-so-similar brown one here.

005 :: these milkmaiden braids. if a hairstyle could embody girly and rural at the same time, this would be the one. you can find a great tutorial here.

006 :: roses in newspaper. there is nothing quite like a plain-jane newspaper to bring out the natural beauty of a soft, pink rose. 

007 :: woolen blankets hanging on a line by the sea. the beautiful styling of this picture makes for the most perfect imagery. 

008 :: white lace with tassels. at first, I wasn't sure where the tassel train was going, but as of now, I really don't care. I am more than willing to hop on. love this and this and this, too.

009 :: these diy shopping bags. so idyllic stuffed with nutrients whilst walking around your local farmer's market.

010 :: tattered jeans with pointed sling-backs. a beautiful combination of masculine and feminine. both pieces are so versatile, that they would mingle well with anyone's existing wardrobe, don't you think? pick up those flats here. and I love these jeans.

011 :: lucite chairs. I don't think I could ever convince mitch to let me set these up at the dining room table in our dream home, but I do love the sleek and modern aesthetic of lucite and might just have to sneak them into less inhabited spaces where he might not notice ;)

012 :: this tartan cardinal print skirt. I could not find where this beautiful work of art was from ( #tumblrproblems ). so if someone could enlighten me, I would be forever grateful. see some other printed skirts I love here :: 
1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5

013 :: this floral fifties dress. the romantic in me just can't let this one go. and it's an etsy find! I do so love giving money to small business.

014 :: this vintage kitchen sink. the white is right up my alley and I love how it isn't set into the countertop. best with beautiful fresh blooms nearby, of course.

015 :: blue and green dotted dress. so laid back and comfortable and perfect for these warm summer evenings.

016 :: this masculine meets feminine design scheme. mitch even agreed to it! I love how this manly leather chair complements the girly paned windows and crown moulding. and of course, it's still nice and neutral.

017 :: summer hammock diy. as the days get warmer, the afternoons only get lazier. I am thinking that's a sign it is hammock season.

018 :: let yourself be flawed. a beautiful reminder to calm down during our quest for perfection. 

019 :: this standing split. impressive ballerinas always make me miss my days of ballet.

020 :: a gorgeously messy braid. diy here. I love all of amber's tutorials!

I think that's enough where that came from ( although, there is plenty more ). be sure to keep in touch via
and have a wonderful wednesday evening!

love, arielle

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


in my humble opinion, there is nothing that speaks summer so thoroughly as a homemade, freshmade blueberry pie. most americans would say apple, and to that I say, 'what up?' apples are for autumn. summer is all about berries. berries that I may or may not have smuggled in from the not-so-neighboring coast of florida via my carry on during my last trip home. in all fairness, I did answer 'yes' on my immigration form when it asked me if I had any perishables. conscience clear. and rightly so because I would hate to be feeling guilty whist eating this delicious blueberry pie. I started off giving the top crust a stars-and-stripes appeal, but having not created a lattice since pastry class (circa autumn 2012), I couldn't resist! so I guess you can call this design 'stars-and-lattice'--not nearly as catchy but tasty, all the same. so let's talk recipe :: this recipe was adapted from this version by herriott grace compared with this version from pioneer woman with my own tastes and preferences thrown in there for good measure. the mister and I both really enjoyed devouring up the outcome. check it out.

for the crust ::

3 cups all-purpose flour ( plus plenty more for dusting )
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 cup sugar
1 cup cold butter
1 cold egg
about 1 cup cold water
2 tsp apple cider vinegar

step 001 :: combine all of your dry ingredients in a rather large bowl. 

step 002 :: add butter. with a pastry cutter, work the butter into the dry mixture. depending on climate and environment, this can take a little while. if your butter is melting all over the place, stick it in the fridge for a second, and then pull out and continue. when your butter/dry ingredient mixture resembles coarse meal, you're good to go.

step 003 :: crack egg into a 250 ml or one cup pyrex jug. beat slightly. then, fill with cold water to the one cup line. combine all of the liquid ingredients and make sure the end result is fridge-worthy cold. pour them over your coarse meal, mixing ever so slightly, and then scoop up into a ball. sit in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes so as to relax all of your gluten strands. you can get started on your oh-so-easy pie filling as you wait.

step 004 :: pull your ball of dough out of the fridge. dust your surface exceedingly and begin the roll out rotating dough wad 90 degrees with each roll of your pin ( this prevents sticking, which in turn, prevents holes ). continue doing so until your dough measures a quarter of an inch. in school, they literally measured ours, but simply eye yours ;)

step 005 :: place your rolled-out dough in a greased pie tin so as to have a couple of inches overlap hanging on each side. fold overlap into the pie so as to avoid a raw edge and begin your design. there are so many and everyone has their favorite. for the classic design above, I simply placed the index finger of one hand between the pie tin and the dough and then pinched it from the other side with the index and middle finger of the other hand. then, I just evenly spaced this design along the remaining perimeter of my pie crust.

step 006 :: form your top crust. this is where you really get to make your pie your own. for the stars-and-not-quite-stripes, it's obvious that I didn't have a star cookie cutter and I wish I had. however, that is the beauty of homemade things...they are seldom ever flawless, but they are perfection, just the same.

for the lattice :: roll out another wad of dough on your work surface. using your rolling pin as a straight-enough edge and a pizza cutter for cutting, cut one inch strips in your dough. place one set of strips loosely on top of your otherwise-ready pie with a few inches hanging over each edge. the less they touch that colorful filling, the better! then, simply lift up every other  original strip and place a new strip down. replace original strips when finished. keep doing this alternating the original strips lifted until you've covered the whole pie. using a knife, trim the overhang so that no dough is left hanging over your pie.

for the blueberry filling ::

3 cups blueberries
1/4 cup white sugar
3 tbsp all-purpose flour
3 tbsp honey
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1tbsp butter

steps :: combine all of your ingredients in a dye-proof bowl stirring until mostly mixed. spoon into awaiting crust. if you're doing a lattice top crust, it is really helpful to not overfill your pie as your original strips will get all gooey and blue making it a little more difficult. however, I never notice things like that once that pie is in my belly ;)

bake it ::

once ready to bake, lather that top crust with a little egg white and then sprinkle with a mixture of 1/4 cup white sugar and 1 tbsp cinnamon
preheat oven to 425 degrees fahrenheit
bake for 30 minutes or until top is golden brown

and there it is! it really was deliciously easy, hey? it had been so long since I had made a pie, that I was a little nervous that a) it would take a ridiculously long time, and b) that I would forget some crucial step. and although I wasn't nearly as organized as I would have liked to be, it was incredible how easy it was to recall all that I had once learned whilst at school. 

and one more little tip that I didn't learn at school :: my mother-in-law premakes all sorts of pies while she's in the pie-baking mood and then freezes them before baking. then, when she feels so inspired to have pie for dessert, she pulls one out of the freezer, lets it defrost, and tosses it in the oven. absolutely genius!

I hope that this is the beginning of many wonderful summer and fall pies for all of us! I know that I am a little more than anxious to make another. have a terrific tuesday! it feels so invigorating to tell you all that I'm off to work!

love, arielle